Best Practices and Competitiveness Evaluations

Spectrum Consulting offers an evaluation of your fleet´s cost competitiveness and management practices against the best in the industry and provides a report card to governmental and corporate management. Spectrum has compiled the best industry fleet practices, business models and benchmarks for evaluating your fleet operation.

Spectrum benchmarks cost performance against the "leaders," a fleet's practices and policies against Spectrum's 'Manual of Best Fleet Management Practices,' and reviews processes against best business models, reengineering strategies and technology now available to fleet managers including the internet.

The first report card will be in the area of "Best Fleet Management Practices." This work answers the question and informs management whether fleet management is doing the right things and doing them right. Spectrum authored the landmark publication, "Best Fleet Management Practices and Performance Measures Manual," the first comprehensive listing of best fleet management practices in the industry. Consultants from Spectrum will detail both the existence of and the quality of best practices in the fleet organization and report what should be done to implement best practices.

The second report card will be a "Competitiveness Report Card." No other consulting firm has been tested like Spectrum's consultants in this area. The firm has assisted numerous local governments and their employees in developing their strategies and technical and cost proposals in winning every managed competition it has performed to date.