Other Services Offered

Fleet Audits

We have performed management audits of entire fleet agencies that have resulted in a clear understanding of current fleet issues and problems while providing a definitive road map for modernizing fleet management in a fleet business plan.

Maintenance Operations Audits

Our services include determining the cost competitiveness of maintenance and repair operations, review of preventive maintenance (PM) programs, compliance with mandated state inspection programs and the evaluation of the number and size of mechanical staff required to maintain and repair your fleet.

Competitive Strategies for Reducing Fleet Costs

We specialize in the evaluation of the competitiveness of fleet management and developing an overall strategy for the agency to operate within a cost structure that compares to the best in the industry and enables your fleet to compete with the best.

Development of Fleet Policy and Financial Policy

We have developed fleet and financial policy for numerous fleet organizations that has resulted in a clear definition of authority, accountability and financial viability of the fleet. Our policy structures provide the direction and force for fleets to achieve optimum fleet management, that is, lowest cost/mile and high quality service in support of the transportation goals of our clients.

Development and Implementation of Complete Chargeback Systems

We have developed rental rates and charges for our clients using a comprehensive electronic spreadsheet model. The model permits the client to program fair and equitable charges for operations and replacement of their fleet saving thousands of hours in the annual development of rate packages for its fleet customers. Our chargeback approach introduces a market driven fleet management approach that influences customers to make more economical decisions regarding the use of fleet management resources thereby keeping costs under control.

Study and Implementation of the Potential for Centralized and Consolidated Fleet Management

Centralization of the Fleet Management function holds great opportunity for substantial savings by performing the fleet function in the most appropriate economy of scale that decreases the overall cost of fleet management. One study we conducted resulted in savings of over $500,000 in a fleet of just over 600 vehicles. Another study for a large fleet of 2,000 vehicles resulted in annual savings of over $1.5 million annually.

Development of Fleet Replacement Plans including Emission and Energy Mandates

The challenge for fleets is to identify fleet replacement cycles that minimize overall operating and capital costs of the fleet and to fund
these programs. Emission and energy mandates complicate this challenge. We have designed complete replacement programs, funding methodologies and incorporated emissions and alternative energy plans into the replacement strategies.

Development of Customer Relationship Programs

Customer relations is reactive for most fleet organizations. Proactive fleets develop formal customer relationship programs. Our experience is that fleet organizations which regularly communicate with their customers and develop programs that meet mutual goals produce cost effective fleets. We have assisted our clients in developing fleet policy that defines the authority and accountability relationships between fleet management and department or agency heads, upper management, and vehicle drivers. We have developed formal service agreements between fleet management and customer departments that detail the level and quality of fleet services, and charges for those services. These are two examples that help set the framework for interacting with fleet customers.

Approaches in "Right Sizing" the Fleet

Loosely defined fleet assignment and control policies have led to "overfleet" in many agencies. Since the cost of the vehicle asset is the largest number in the overall vehicle cost equation, rationalizing fleet size can be a powerful tool in reducing fleet costs.

Reengineering Fleet Management Using Modern Technology

Modern technology has afforded fleets the opportunity to reinvent the manner in which they operate, eliminate redundant data entry and records systems, minimize staff and paperwork requirements, and develop better information for decision making. We have recommended new systems and techniques empowering client employees with the necessary information to be more productive and responsible in the workplace.

Development of Energy Efficient Fleet Programs

Fuel represents one of the largest operating costs of fleet management. We have provided our clients with assistance in managing fuel programs including the acquisition and implementation of automated dispensing and leak detection systems, downsizing fleet programs and identifying functions which can best be served with mandated clean fuel and alternative fuel vehicles.

Evaluation of the Potential for Outsourcing

Some fleets are finding that outsourcing of specific fleet functions can be more cost effective fleet programs and expand both the quantity and hours of service to customers. We have evaluated private sector options for any number of services incluing"total fleet management", maintenance and repair, fueling, repair services, vehicle washing, motor pool, leasing and oil change services.

Determination of Compliance with Government Regulations/Mandates

Numerous government regulations have enveloped the fleet management function over the past twenty years. We regularly audit fleet management organizations for compliance with these requirements. We advise on the appropriate response to these issues and incorporate the cleanest production of fleet services in future planning and expenditure programs.

Spectrum has completed over 250 projects throughout the U.S. References are available on request.