Fleet News Seminars - June 18, 19 and 21, 2018 in Northwest

Seminar – “Competitive Fleet Management – Run the Fleet as a Business”

Spectrum conducts its seminar, – “Competitive Fleet Management – Run Your Fleet as a Business” for professional organizations, conferences and individual fleet operations.

Fleet Management Seminar

"Competitive Fleet Management:
Run Your Fleet as a Business"

You may be on course to implement “best fleet practices”


Is your fleet cost competitive?
Do you run your fleet as a business?
Can you compete against private service providers and win?


Mike Corbett, Publisher of California Fleet News, author of the “Best Fleet Practices Manual” and consultant to numerous managed competitions throughout the U.S.

“No one is immune in these challenging economic times. Even agencies considered by some to be the best fleets have seen their fleet operations outsourced. Outstanding fleet managers have been found to be overspending by as much as 40% of existing budgets in managed competition. It’s now imperative that you implement best fleet practices at competitive prices”.

In this session, you will learn:

How to” run the fleet as a business"
How to develop your “most efficient fleet organization”
How San Diego and other agencies reduced costs by 30% and more
How to do more with less without degrading fleet services
How to take a fresh view of your fleet and determine how you would conduct fleet operations if you were start today
What level of staffing and technician productivity is critical to survival
What best fleet maintenance practices are essential to remain competitive
How the chargeback system encourages customer efficiency reducing costs
and more…